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Mic’d Up: Immigration Infatuation

On this week’s edition of Mic’d Up, Michael Voris tackles the thorny issue of the relationship between the American Catholic Church and illegal immigration. Guests include Dr. E. Michael Jones, Author/Sociologist David Carlin, Columnist Rey Flores, and Church Militant’s own Simon Rafe.

Mic’d Up: Catholic School Daze

Michael Voris surveys the last fifty years of Catholic education and offers potential solutions to the crisis in Catholic schools. Guests include Father Joseph Fessio of Ignatius Press, Former Congressman Robert K. Dornan, David Obeid, Principal of St. Mary Mackillop Colleges, and Luke Macik, Headmaster of the Lyceum Academy.

Mic’d Up: Breakdown of a Meltdown

On this week’s episode of Mic’d Up, Michael Voris tallies the damage of this past St. Patrick’s Day and examines the root cause of the disaster. Guests include Dr. Chris Manion, C.J. Doyle, David Carlin, Brian Camenker, and former Congressman Robert K. Dornan.

Mic’d Up: All Things New York

In this week’s episode of Mic’d Up, guest host Christine Niles takes a hard look at the goings on in the archdiocese of New York. Guests include C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League, Paul McGregor from Holy Innocents Parish, and Church Militant’s own Michael Voris reporting from New York City.

Mic’d Up: Man Up!

In this episode of Mic’d Up, Michael Voris examines the effects of feminism and the decline of an authentic Catholic Manhood on the Church. Guests include Matthew James Christoff of The New Emangelization, CMTV’s own Christine Niles, and Mark Houck of the King’s Men.

Mic’d Up: “The REAL Spirit of Vatican II”

The Second Vatican Council is often blamed for the wave of apostasy that has overtaken the Church in the last fifty years. But what do the documents really say?

Michael Voris and guests Brad Eli, Peter O’Dwyer, and Father Roman Manchester examine the REAL spirit of Vatican II in this episode of Mic’d Up.

Mic’d Up: “Fifty Shades of Black”

As pornography begins to step into mainstream culture, Michael Voris breaks down the dangers of its use, including several lesser known issues such as the psychological costs and the growing problem of porn marketed to women. Featuring:

  • Christine Niles,

  • Psychologist Dr. Peter Kleponis,

  • and Mark Houck of The King’s Men.

Mic’d Up: “The (Un)Catholic Media”

On this episode of Mic’d Up, Michael Voris breaks down the players in the un-Catholic Media: various media outlets that present themselves as Catholic but undermine the Faith.

Guests include:

  • Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register,

  • and John Allen of Boston Globe’s Crux,

  • along with CMTV’s own Matthew Pearson, Christine Niles, and Peter O’Dwyer.

Mic’d Up: “The Catholic Internet”

In this Mic’d Up, Michael Voris explores the origins and rise of the New Catholic Media. Guests include:

  • Chris Manion,

  • Jim Hughes,

  • Judie Brown,

  • Michael Hichborn,

  • and John-Henry Westen.

Mic’d Up: “Smuggling in Sodomy”

The Church is under assault by homosexual clergy and a depraved culture that is growing more and more accepting of this disordered and dangerous lifestyle. To discuss all the angles, Michael Voris is joined by:

  • Austin Ruse,

  • Mary Ann Kreitzer,

  • Dr. Kevin Vost,

  • Jack Fonseca,

  • Brian Camenker,

  • and Paul Rondeau.

Mic’d Up: “The State of the Church”

Michael Voris is back with a brand new look and a brand new Mic’d Up set.

The guest line-up:

Mic’d Up! The Spiritual Cliff: Restoring Order

What Catholics need to do to restore and balance a world going off the Cliff!
Join Michael Voris from ChurchMilitant.TV as he discusses how mankind is about to fall off the physical, economic and most importantly, the spiritual cliff!
Michael will also show Catholics what they MUST do to try and bring order to a world filled with every kind of chaos.


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Mic’d Up: Hell Makes a Comeback!

Is Hell real and how come we never hear much about it anymore — or is that beginning to change thanks to THIS election?¬† And as a bonus – what does Protestantism have to do with Halloween? More than you might think.

Link to Mic’d Up podcast

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Mic’d Up Radio: Generic Catholics are Killing America

Click here to listen to Wednesday’s Mic’d Up radio show with Michael Voris on BlogTalkRadio.-or- Watch the video on YouTube!

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Mic’d Up Radio: Libya, Paul Ryan and the Catholic Vote

Click here to listen to Wednesday’s Mic’d Up radio show with Michael Voris on BlogTalkRadio.

-or- Watch the video on YouTube:


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