Catholic News Roundup 09-10

A New Position

The British government is announcing for the first time they will have a Minister for Faith in their government …and she’s a Muslim.

The Tablet

Pastor Released

After spending the last three years in prison awaiting execution for apostasy from Islam … an Iranian Christian is finally released.

Daily Mail UK

Hating Religion

Attacks on American religious freedom have ramped up considerably … according to a new study put together over the last eight years.

CNS News

Election Update

Mitt Romney does not plan on repealing all of Obamacare … he said in his “Meet the Press” Interview over the weekend.

More Ethical Coverage

A Catholic university in Pennsylvania … called Gannon University … is dropping its coverage of abortion in its health insurance plan to better reflect Catholic teaching.


Prelates Under Fire

Twitter tirades from liberals after the Democratic National Convention are profaning Timothy Cardinal Dolan … over his prayer asking for protection of the unborn during his closing benediction.

The Blaze

Washington Post

Catholic Culture


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  1. God Bless you Michael and all the people at Church Militant. Right now I am ill, but Iwill be on my feet again and will do whatever I can to support you. Thankyou agIN, FOR THE TRUTH.


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